The Meal Planning Master List

The Meal Planning Master List

Meal planning is great way to start eating healthier with less stress. Meal planning allows you to be organized in your grocery shopping and potentially even spend less money. One reason clients feel overwhelmed by meal planning is because they are trying to come up with new meal ideas or pick out new recipes every week. A solution to this is to start working on your own “Master List” for meal planning instead. This entails writing out a list of meals you have already made before and then gradually adding to it. Each week, you simply consult your list to select what you’d like to make that week for dinner. Here is a shortened example Master List:

Salmon with brown rice and broccoli

Vegetarian bean tacos

Greek turkey burger with zucchini

Grilled chicken with a sweet potato and green beans

Steak salad with blue cheese crumbles

Tofu with quinoa and asparagus

Pork tenderloin with whole wheat pasta, olive oil, and broccolini

Aim to keep your meals balanced between protein, carbohydrate, vegetables and a little fat. You will be on your way to a healthier diet with less weeknight stress!

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