Cow’s Milk Versus Plant Milk

Cow’s Milk Versus Plant Milk

Throughout recent years, plant based milk have become increasingly popular. Some people choose plant milk for specific reasons and some people choose plant milk simply because it is trendy. One common question is- which is better- plant or cow’s milk? There are different reasons to choose different varieties of milk so here are some areas to consider.

  1. Lactose- Since cow’s milk naturally contains lactose, anyone who is lactose intolerant would be better suited to have plant milk or a low lactose cow’s milk such as lactaid.
  2. Protein- Some milk has a lot more protein than others. For those looking for protein in milk, good options would be cow’s milk or soy milk. Most other milks are not very high in protein although some varieties of pea milk contain more protein. There are also some plant milks where protein is added separately.
  3. Calories- For those trying to cut calories, some plant milks are significantly lower in calories. Opt for an unsweetened option and check nutrition facts since some brands contain more calories than others.
  4. Environment- cow’s milk contributes to significantly more greenhouse gases. This is another reason to consider plant based milks as an option.
  5. Calcium- Calcium is naturally found in cow’s milk and is added to most plant milks. Double check nutrition labels when choosing plant milk for calcium.

Bottom line- Take into account your personal goals and the pros and cons of different varieties of milk. Be careful not to choose a food simply because its trendy. A fad is not always the healthiest choice for the consumer!

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