Simple Ways to Manage Weight

There are a lot of complicated diets out there, encouraging people to cut out entire food groups to lose weight. Within the same week, you’ll hear one person promote a vegan diet and someone else promote a keto diet. It can feel very overwhelming and strict diets are obviously more difficult to stick to. Here are some more simple habits that will help you manage weight.

Eat slower: People who eat slower are less likely to overeat. This is because it takes about 20 minutes to feel full after the start of a meal. Eating slower also gives you a chance to enjoy your food better and even improves digestion.

Eat more fruits & vegetables: Instead of focusing on what not to eat, focus on what you can eat more of. Since fruits and vegetables are naturally high volume, they lend themselves to eating fewer calories. They also provide vitamins, minerals & fiber.

Stress less: Since a lot of us eat out of boredom and stress, learning to manage your stress better could absolutely help your eating habits. Pick something simple to start- meditation, deep breathing, yoga, etc. Participate a few days per week and see how this effects your mood.

Have fun with exercise: There’s no need to force yourself to complete workouts you hate. Find something you enjoy and then lean into it- walking, classes, dancing, yoga, etc. If your exercise naturally makes you feel good, this won’t feel like a burden.

Use a smaller plate: This one is pretty simple- using a smaller plate means serving yourself a little less food. This does not mean you can never have seconds but use you smaller plate, eat slowly and then monitor your hunger cues.

Boost your protein & fiber intake: Protein helps build muscle but also contributes to feelings of fullness. Fiber also helps fill the stomach. Via label reading, its very easy to make swaps towards foods with more protein, fiber or both.

No need to do all of these habits at once! Start with one and then slowly add as able!

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