A Positive Take on New Years Resolutions

Although New Year’s Resolutions have good intentions, a lot of us start off with extravagant, strict plans that quickly fade away. We try to give up entire food groups and start very intense exercise routines. We make large changes overnight that might be very hard to stick to. For this year, try making changes that are positive in nature and less dramatic. This way, you can actually see them through!

Positive changes with diet: Instead of saying “I won’t eat sugar anymore” or ” I will never have fast food” choose goals associated with what you do want to eat or drink. Here are some examples.

“I will eat a piece of fruit with lunch daily”

“I will drink 8 cups of water”

“I will eat a protein source with breakfast every morning”

Eating more nutritious foods will naturally result in eating less refined and processed foods anyway!

Choose exercise goals you will actually enjoy: Instead of signing up for a very intense challenge, ask yourself “What kind of exercise would I actually enjoy doing?” Maybe you’ve been wanting to try out a new class or maybe you like something competitive (like sports). Maybe you just want something relaxing like yoga or walking while you listen to a podcast. Nothing is too small if it will inspire you to be more consistent.

Pick out new, fun recipes: Instead of forcing yourself to eat anything you don’t like, or something boring, pick out new recipes that incorporate lots of fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources. Quarantine is a great time to experiment in the kitchen with the extra time you may have.

Last thoughts: Every change you make should feel like something you could do forever. If you ever have a feeling that you are waiting for a “diet” or “challenge” to end, this is a sign that you’ve selected something temporary. Your changes should feel so nature that you forget you’re even doing them. From there, slowly build on your habits to make a huge impact on your health and quality of life 🙂

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