Grocery Shopping Tips

Grocery shopping can be a stressful time, even when we aren’t going through a pandemic. A lot of people find grocery shopping to be a chore and dislike crowds or long lines. Once you factor in the idea of choosing healthy food, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Here are some tips to make grocery shopping more enjoyable, and also to choose healthier food!

Tip #1- Schedule grocery shopping into your calendar, instead of going at the last minute. This allows you to intentionally choose times of the day where it is less busy. If you are going on the weekend, consider going earlier in the day, or later to avoid crowds. Setting aside time to grocery shop also helps you to take your time to read labels.

Tip #2- Shop the outside of the store. Most grocery stores places their produce at the outside of the store- fruits, veggies, dairy, eggs and meat. We want most of our foods to be simple, single ingredient foods so try to stock up on produce and make fewer selections from the middle of the store.

Tip #3- Consider frozen fruits & veggies. Frozen fruits and vegetables have just as many vitamins, minerals and fiber. They also can be less expensive, especially when certain foods are out of season. Look for the more plain varieties to avoid excess sodium.

Tip #4- Don’t shop hungry. Not only will this make you cranky, but you will also probably buy less healthy food!

Tip #5- Choose lots of variety. All fruits, vegetables, whole grains and meats have different vitamins and minerals. If we eat the same food all the time, not only do we get bored but we also set our selves up to miss out on important nutrients. Try to always pick out new foods and be mindful of what’s in season. Fruits and vegetables in season usually taste better and cost less.

Lastly, try to take your time and enjoy the process!

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