Staying Motivated

You may feel like when you start to eat healthy or exercise that you fall off the wagon a bit too easily. Many of us feel motivated and excited during the very beginning of making healthy changes but motivation can quickly fade. Learn how to make lifestyle changes instead of temporarily “dieting”.

  1. Enjoy the Changes: Don’t worry about having a perfectly clean diet or the most intense exercise routine. What matters most is finding something you can actually be consistent with. This means that you should enjoy both your food choices and exercise routine. Don’t cut out your favorite foods. Instead, create healthier versions to have on a regular basis and eat the richer foods in moderation.
  2. Accountability: It can help to have an accountability partner, someone who checks in with you to see how you are doing to motivate you when you may have less energy. This could either be a friend or family member (maybe one with similar goals) or a healthcare professional like a dietitian.
  3. Set Rewards: Provide yourself with consistent rewards for healthy behaviors. The only rule is that rewards should not be food related. Some ideas include new sneakers, a weekend vacation, a pedicure or massage.
  4. Boost Your Energy: Many people feel fatigued often with or without a known cause. This issue needs to be addressed because it could prevent you from enjoying the process or being consistent. Get enough sleep and manage your stress. If you still feel tired with plenty of sleep, check with your doctor. You may need blood work done to identify possible health issues like low vitamin d, anemia or even hypothyroidism


Lastly, stop trying to be perfect! Perfectionism holds us back much more than it actually helps so accept that none of us will ever have a perfectly healthy diet and that’s totally fine. Focus on gradual improvements instead!

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