Quarantine & Healthy Eating

Feeling less motivated while being stuck at home? Check out some different tips to eating healthier during COVID-19 and quarantine.

-Avoid boredom eating by being prepared with lots of hobbies or engaging activities. Examples include painting, playing games, completing a puzzle, reading, knitting, etc.

-Use this as an opportunity to practice cooking and try a new recipe! This is a great time to focus on eating more whole foods cooked from scratch. Also, cooking is another great way to avoid boredom!

-Maintain structure with your snacking if possible and choose snacks with protein (Greek yogurt, peanut butter, hard boiled eggs). This will keep you more satisfied.

-Got time on your hands? Try eating your meals more slowly and mindfully! This is a great practice so especially if you are spending more time at home, take this time to practice this skill.

-Eat at the table. With less structure, it’s easy to allow the whole day to turn into a snacking feast. Don’t eat in front of the TV and try to maintain structure with your eating location.

-Lastly, go easy on yourself! This is a stressful time for many of us and does not need to be a reason to eat perfectly at home. Focus on simple habits that keep you feeling good. It will pay off later!






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